old-school pk ragnarok online
Rates: 50x/50x/25x

Server Features

Balanced logarithmic rate

Don't waste time “pumping” your character and knocking things out.

Player Kill

Get the ultimate fun. Fight players all over the server. Killing players is allowed everywhere except in large cities..


Pre-renewal mechanics, no 3rd Jobs (Sura, ), no wings, colored auras and other "unique" things.

Cozy atmosphere

Enjoy the atmosphere of nostalgia together with the same connoisseurs of the classics as you.

No donations

We do not pursue commercial value. There are no things or any advantages on our server that can be obtained by paying us money.

Long term server Opportunity

We opened this server primarily for ourselves, as a tribute to the game and the whole culture that is built around it.

Freebies for every novice!

It's always difficult to start, but not here. Every beginner gets cool things that will help in the further game.

Anti-cheat protection

We have the most advanced cheat protection. We do not have bots, macros, clickers or other cheats.

Our Community

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